A straight-laced and by-the-book cold pill and Ozzy's fellow private eye and best friend, and the deuteragonist of the show. They have an office inside Hector's left retina ("prime real estate"). His right arm is a multi-launcher which launches various chemical containers stored in his torso though the most common is an ice pill which freezes villains. The right arm also contains a phone, and other gadgets including an eggbeater (apparently the only thing the arm can't do is make a decent milkshake),and a crude clamp-like claw usable as a hand. Drix's cautiousness and complete honesty (making him quite gullible), puts him at odds with the devil-may-care Ozzy. He often tries to "fit in" with the other cells in the body, usually failing to comprehend the concepts. He is fun-loving, happy go-lucky, and sometimes a comic relief and a coward instead of being tough and serious, unlike in the movie.